Do You Want To Be A Writer At MakLab.org ?

if you have experience in mechatronics – embedded system and matlab – simulink and would you like to be a writer at maklab.org and share your experience with alot of people, you can just write your article by Arabic or English or both and send it to maklab@maklab.org and we will publish it on maklab.org by your name ,you can also put your cv with maklab.org.

لو عندك معلومات في الميكاترونيات – الانظمة المدمجة و الماتلاب – السيميولينك ممكن تفيد بيها غيرك واكيد انت كمان اكيد هتستفاد ممكن  واحنا هنحطها علي ماك لاب بأسمك maklab@maklab.orgتكتبها و تشرحها ببساطة و تبعتها علي

Untitled1you can also write your details,so companies can contact you.

ahmed hasan

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