Embedded Systems Advanced Course

According to our new policy and cooperation with Valeo Egypt we are able to provide you an opportunity and recommendation for Valeo Egypt interviews once you completed MakLab embedded system Advanced  Course (passing MakLab Technical and HR exams) . itis a great opportunity don’t waste it, you have to study hard and work hard for three weeks Course to start your career.

This course provides a three weeks of advanced embedded system. This course is intended for  users who have embedded system background  and professional those looking for a review.  prior programming experience or knowledge of c language is assumed.

After completing this course and passing MakLab Technical and HR exams we will recommend you for Valeo Egypt interviews.

Topics include:

1-Introduction to Embedded Systems Practical Life

2-C Programming Language

3-Advanced C Programming Language

4-Embedded C

5-Embedded system Projects

6-Technical Exams and Interviews     


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