Error Simulink Support Package for Raspberry pi Hardware 2016-2017

There are three processes to got your Simulink support package for raspberry pi working:





If you got any of those errors:

1- Downloading and installing processes and suddenly got that error :

Error: There was a problem installing the third-party software.

2-If you completed the processes of downloading and installing and now in process of setup and  got that error :

Error: target setup Cannot find the file containing firmware information: “firmware_info.xml” This file has either been deleted or removed

3-if you completed all processes and  trying to run a Simulink model on Raspberry pi and got this error:

Error:Undefined function ‘execute’ for input arguments of type ‘double’. raspberry pi simulink


Actually this can happened by many problems as:

There is a function that is used by your code, but doesn’t exists in the  directory. also could be that the Simulink Support Package files didn’t downloaded correctly and may be there are missing file, and to be sure of that write:

which functionName for example which execute and see what will be the result.

 if returns with path and a name of the file ,then restart your Matlab and check ,if not solved it could be another problem, 

and If it returns the comment “Has no license available”  or function name not found or just gives error,

then follow the below solution:

1-Add the folder which contain your working scripts or models to the path instead of relying on it to be the current folder.(write pathtool in command window to get the tool) if not solved then follow the second solution below.

2-Download all the package again, but before doing it, you have to remove SupportPackages folder in the following path:

C:\Users\your_pc_ userrname\Downloads\MathWorks

Then start downloading the package ,it will works, all the required files will be downloaded in that path for size not less that 716MB


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