Error when running the Hardware Support Package Installer

Error using regexprep Invalid option for regexprep: .

Error in

hwconnectinstaller.internal.UsageLogger.getSystemInfo(line 119)

Error in hwconnectinstaller.internal.UsageLogger (line32)

Error in hwconnectinstaller.Setup (line 57)

Error in hwconnectinstaller.Setup.get (line 89)

Error in hwconnectinstaller.show (line 37)

Error in hwconnectinstaller.launchInstaller (line 49)

To solve this error:

This issue can be caused by an additional “Contents.m” file inside of a folder named “MATLAB”. This folder is likely the userpath folder since this is named “MATLAB” by default. To work around this issue remove the “Contents.m” file from the “MATLAB” folder.

1) To determine if there is such a file that is causing this issue enter the following in the MATLAB Command Window:

mlVersion=ver(‘MATLAB’)         ( don’t copy and paste, write it )

If a 1×2 structure is returned then there is an additional “Contents.m” file causing this issue.

2) One way of locating this file is by entering the following in the MATLAB command window:

which -all Contents.m

you will get a lot of files named contents.m

Note that if you have many toolboxes installed it may be a very long list to sort through since there is one “Contents.m” file for each toolbox.but can you change the files in matlab folder only which will solve the problem,so go to matlab installed folder then toolbox then matlab and then general folder to remove the contents.m file  or change to contents.m.old,then try

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