How to connect Raspberry pi to 5 inch LCD ?

ازاي توصل شاشة 5 بوصة بالراسبري باي و تشغل التاتش كمان


you have two options :


1-Connect LCD HDMI socket to Raspberry pi by HDMI cable

2-power the LCD by usb external power source (Recommended) or you can connect to the raspberry pi usb as photo

but for this option ,you will use the LCD but without the touch option



Connect LCD HDMI socket to Raspberry pi HDMI socket and Raspberry pi pins to LCD pins socket  as photo

so here the Raspberry pi it will power the LCD from the raspberry pi pin also you can control the touch LCD since you will send ands recieve the signals from raspberry pi pins

Before start in the software process you have to press shift on starting of the raspberry pi and go to cmdline.txt then copy all the lines as photo and save it in any file


you need to setup a driver for the LCD and the touch feature as follow:

Now start configure your Pi:

sudo raspi-config

  • Select Expand Filesystem.

  • You should make sure the custom mirror image used can boot to desktop. Check the configuration: Enable Boot to Desktop/Scratch -> Desktop Log in as user ‘pi’ at the graphical desktop

first download the driver here :LCD-show-150602.tar.gz

and extract it. Copy the file LCD-show.tar.gz into your custom mirror image via the network or an U disk. Run the following command:

tar xvf LCD-show.tar.gz     this command will extract the downloaded file or you can extract by right click on it and extract

For 5inch HDMI LCD, run the command:

sudo ./LCD5-show

Then, wait a few minutes, the system will restart automatically. When finished, the RPi LCD is ready to use.

To switch to HDMI display, run the command:

sudo ./LCD-hdmi

Note: if the raspberry pi doesnot boot:

press on shift at start and change the number at the photo below to the number as in your cmdline.txt file

To setup a keyboard:

download the file bellow:

sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard

sudo dpkg -i matchbox*

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