write a c code to flash a LED and burn it to atmega16 using AVR kit

LED Blinking Project

Interface a led with internal 8Mhz clock, connected to pin 6 in PORTA and flash it every 1 second.

1-Open AVR studio /and select new project

2-select the project type is AVR GCC and write the project name LEDBlinking


3-choose device atmega16


4-in the source file and LEDBlinking.c file write the following code:

#include <avr/io.h>

#include <util/delay.h> // to use delay function

int main(void)


DDRA = DDRA | (1<<PA6); //configure pin 6 in PORTA as output pin

PORTA |= (1<<PA6); // LED Off



PORTA = PORTA & (~(1<<PA6)); // LED ON


PORTA = PORTA | (1<<PA6); // LED OFF




5- save the file and build


6-goto the saved project location ,you wil find LEDBlinking.hex file which we will burn it to microcontroller

7-by using USBASP programmer driver and AVR extrem

  • Download and setup avr extrem which is the burner program
  • Download and setup USBASP programmer driver

8-open avr extrem and select the file LEDblinking.hex and burn

Note to use the C51 kit for AVR microcontrollers you need the avr adaptor plate converter as on www.maklabstore

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